Note About Photos And Music

Photographs: If you see a photograph that you want taken off the site or replaced with a photo that is more suitable, please e-mail me right away and I will be happy to swap out the photo on the post with a different one. Also, if you would like the photo to be credited, I will add a caption to the photo with the photographers name and any other necessary information. You can e-mail me at if you have questions regarding the posting of photos on Listen Here Reviews.

Music: As of January 1’st, 2015 I will begin posting embed links to any videos and songs that I report on. This is so readers can listen to the song or watch the video without having to leave Listen Here Reviews. If you do not want your song or video to appear directly in the post, please e-mail me so that I can remove the content right away and replace it with a link to your content.

Again, if you have questions regarding either of the above, please contact me.

One comment to “Note About Photos And Music”
  1. Hey guys!
    My name is Brian Perrino and I am in a band called Grin & Bear and we just released our first full length album ‘Range Wars’ yesterday, We are hoping to get some press on it from some online resources and thought Listen Hear Reviews would be a great place to go (we follow the site and recently saw our friends in Owel were featured). The album is available for free stream or download at but I can also send you it in a google drive if you would like. Please let me know if there is anything that you guys can do in terms of a press release or album review.
    Thanks so much for your time!
    Brian Perrino
    Grin and Bear

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