Allday releases new song “In Motion” featuring Japanese Wallpaper

Allday has released his new single “In Motion” featuring Japanese Wallpaper. Take a listen to the song below and you can check out what Allday had to say about writing with Japanese Wallpaper below, via Pigeons and Planes.

“I made “In Motion” with Japanese Wallpaper. He’s a genius and a very sweet, gentle person, just like his music. After he began the instrumentation, it took me a long time to write the lyrics, I mean months. I would just leave it and then something would happen and I would know it could go in the song. So basically the song had to happen in real life before it happened in the song. When it came time to record I still hadn’t written the little pre-chorus rap part, but that came to me like a lightning bolt… “unsealed, congealed… holy shit nobody ever says congealed” and that’s when I knew I had an OK song.”

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