Alone I Walk has crafted a simple, emotional, and well done album with his latest release

alone i walk

Lost At Sea, the latest release from acoustic musician Franky Courcelles, also known as Alone I Walk, is a beautiful and laidback album that will remind listeners of The Early November, Plug In Stereo, and The Scene Aesthetic, as its quiet and mellow vibe will strike a chord with younger music fans, as Courcelles is only nineteen. The record opens with “One Big Journey”, a laidback tune that gives off a more pop orientated feel than other cuts on the album, and is a great song that should be a contender for a single, due to its catchy sing along chorus. On “Help,” we hear a song of despair as the narrator shouts out for help to anyone who hears him, as he wants to fit in with his peers and the world at large, and as we become wrapped up in the lyrics, we fall in love with the simple guitar and melody.

“Butterfly” is a track that is extremely catchy, as Alone I Walk brings in other instruments to build on the guitar to give the track a fuller sound, providing fans with some variety alongside the records acoustic offerings. Another standout cut is “Lost At Sea” the records title track, which is a dark and brooding song that brings us back to the slower pace of the release, while also letting us remember why we gravitated towards Alone I Walk and his music in the first place.

While Alone I Walk is not trying to be revolutionary and reinvent the wheel with his craft, he knows how to pull at the listener’s emotions so that they can identify with the music and feel like it is their own.

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