Angels and Airwaves release album artwork for new album


Angels and Airwaves have released the album artwork for their upcoming album The Dream Walker. Here is a short note from the band about the cover’s design.

“Our cover art was created by visual development designer Gustavo H. Mendonca who has helped create some of the most iconic images and characters for Lucas Films, Marvel, DC Comics and your favorite video games. He is helping us bring the characters and world of Poet Anderson : The Dream Walker to life. Our cover is based on a key character that will unfold in the Poet storyline. Here’s an explanation from one of Poets contributing writers: “Dream Walkers are the elusive warriors of our dreams, protecting us from our nightmares. The orb-like halo is the physical embodiment of a Dream Walker’s soul. It hovers around their body, creating a protective shield, turning the deepest vulnerability into the greatest strength.”

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