Bayside guitarist undergoes surgery


Bayside guitarist Jack O’Shea has undergone surgery to correct a level three fusion in his cervical spine. While he managed to get through a European tour with limited mobility in his right arm, he decided to head to a physical therapist once the tour was done, and he was rushed into surgery. You can read what Jack had to say about his condition below.

“So 11 years of headbanging and playing 11lbs plus Les Paul’s had led me to spine surgery. A month ago I lost most of the use of my right arm and powered through a tour in Europe. I got home and decided to see a specialist to make sure my physical therapy was correct and was rushed into surgery. I had a 3 level fusion in my cervical spine and should hopefully get most if not all of my right arm back but it’s right into intense physical therapy starting next week. Also my nurse is terrible at installing IV’s.”

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