Bitter’s Kiss release beautiful new single “Love Won’t Make You Cry”

bitter's kiss

“Love Won’t Make You Cry”, the latest single from New Jersey indie pop band Bitter’s Kiss is a soft track with breathy vocals from front woman Chloe Baker. Sounding similar to the music of Regina Spektor and Sarah McLaghlan, “Love” is a relaxing tune that will delight indie pop fans due to its beautiful orchestration and minimalist sound. The production is what stands out the most on the track, as the band makes sure every instrument stands out, allowing their audience to hear every note, as well as focus on the tune’s melody and vibe. The only drawback to the song would be the tone of Baker’s voice, as we aren’t sure how much her higher vocal range would limit the band if they ever wanted to write more rock influenced material, as the slower and quieter sounding songs really suit the group well. Despite this feeling, there is no doubt that Bitter’s Kiss could become a hit within their genre’s scene, as their casual style will turn plenty of heads.

Check out the music video for “Love Won’t Make You Cry” below.


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