Close Your Eyes part ways with vocalist, original front man coming back for one show a year


Close Your Eyes have parted ways with vocalist Sam Ryder, saying that they simply wanted different things from the band. With Ryder no longer in the picture, it was announced that original front man Shane Raymond will be returning to play one show a year with the band, with guitarist Brett Callaway saying that “Shane will be with Close Your Eyes in anything we do in the future.” His first performance with the band will be at the South By So What Festival in March. You can find statements from both Sam and Shane below or at the Close Your Eyes Facebook page.

Ok, so here it is! We will be playing South By So What 2015! It will be March 20-22 at Quick Trip park in Grand Prarie, Texas.

Here is a message from Shane:
I cannot begin to say how excited I am that Close Your Eyes will be performing at South by So What this year! Even more so, I cannot express how grateful I am to be sharing the moment with some of my dearest friends and brothers once again. It’s going to be a blast!

Hold on to your butts…

Hello Friends! Sam here.
First of, I’ve truly never wanted to do one of these but it seems to be the only way to update people these days.
The cogs are turning in the CYE camp right now for 2015. I wish i didn’t have to sum it up so quickly in a rushed social media post, but I feel this is the time to announce that my journey with CYE is at an end. I’ve had an absolute blast over the last two years and I want to thank my bandmates who’ve taken me on this crazy ride. I’ve been working on another project for some time and I really feel like it’s the right moment for me to follow where that takes me.
Like most of you, each of us have so many dreams, hopes and schemes and I’d like to wish the guys luck in theirs and success for each of you in yours.

Huge thanks to all the fans that have made the shows so great. Kaz, Gus and all the fans in South America deserve a special mention. I’ll be seeing you all again I’m sure. Be excellent to each other!

I hope this sums up my thoughts better than what I can express here.

‘Do whatever works for you, there’s no substitute for staying true’

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