David Derosiers pulls out of Simple Plan’s European tour

David Derosiers, bassist of the band Simple Plan, has pulled out of the bands upcoming European tour due to episodes of depression. You can read a statement from the rest of the band below and head here to read a statement from Derosiers. The group is currently out on the road doing an anniversary tour for their 2002 debut album No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls…

We are sorry to inform you that David won’t be able to join us for our upcoming European tour. You can read a statement from David that explains the situation on his Instagram.

As stated in his message, David has struggled with episodes of depression for a long time now and this situation has sometimes made it difficult for him to deal with the demands of being in a band, touring and playing shows night after night. Following his wishes, we’ve always kept this information private. Today, he feels it’s important to share this with all of you for the first time and we fully support his decision.

David is our friend first and foremost and the number one priority for all of us right now is his health and well-being. After talking to him this week, we’ve made the decision together that it was better for David to stay home and focus on his recovery. We know some of you will be disappointed to hear this news and we are extremely sorry.

Depression is a serious illness that can affect anyone and David’s struggles with this issue have hit close to home and inspired us to help charitable organizations focusing on mental health through the Simple Plan Foundation. We hope that discussing this openly can help some of you who might be dealing with similar issues.

It really breaks our hearts to see our friend and band mate go through these difficult times, but we know he will overcome this and be back on stage with us very soon. We can’t wait to welcome him back!

In the meantime, with David’s blessings, all the upcoming European dates will go on as planned. We look forward to some amazing shows and to see all our European fans!

Pierre, Chuck, Jeff and Sebastien.


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