Dillinger Escape Plan not happy with The Ghost Inside


The Dillinger Escape Plan is not to happy with The Ghost Inside as they feel the cover of The Ghost Inside’s new album looks similar to theirs. The cover of the Dillinger Escape Plan album One Of Us Is The Killer is above and The Ghost Inside’s album cover for Dear Youth is below.



There was a Facebook comment on the Dillinger Escape page which said ” offensively  soulless rip off” which was supposedly posted by the band, however guitarist Ben Weinman, posted the following comment: “If I saw the two next to each other, I would have personally asked to make a few changes and not make the vinyl the same… I mean I wouldn’t have let that slide personally but I don’t give a shit what other bands do… I do feel bad that those guys have to deal with all this drama right now during the release of their album. I’m sure they worked really hard on it.”

The band is not sure who posted the “complete soulless rip off” comment.

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