DMA’s Release New Live Track “Lay Down”

Photo by: Shane Benson


DMA’s has released their new live track “Lay Down,” taken from their upcoming live album Live At Brixton Academy, due for release on March 5th. Recorded in London last year right before lockdowns were enforced, it’s a reminder of what we have all been missing. You can view the set list below and pre-order the album here.

  1. ‘Feels Like 37’ 
  2. ‘Dawning’ 
  3. ‘Too Soon’ 
  4. ‘Hello Girlfriend’ 
  5. ‘Silver’ 
  6. ‘Time & Money’ 
  7. ‘The Glow’ 
  8. ‘The End’ 
  9. ‘Step Up The Morphine’ 
  10. ‘Delete’ 
  11. ‘Life Is A Game of Changing’ 
  12. ‘In The Air’ 
  13. ‘Tape Deck Sick’ 
  14. ‘Play It Out’ 
  15. ‘Timeless’ 
  16. ‘Lay Down’ 
  17. ‘Your Low’ 


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