Forever Ends Here release catchy new single “Send Me Crazy”, making pop punk relevant again

forever ends here

“Send Me Crazy” is the latest single from Sydney based pop punk band Forever Ends Here, and as the band starts their tour with Never Shout Never, the track is an excellent introduction to the group and their music. The guitar driven track pays tribute to pop punk’s beginnings in the early 2000’s, with bright guitar riffs and high pitched vocals. While the song is slightly repetitive, the bands musical abilities and energetic style is something that fans will gravitate towards as they overlook the songs lack of variation. With other Australian groups such as 5 Seconds of Summer ruling the charts with their punk influenced music, Forever Ends Here will find an easy way in when it comes to identifying with the young music fans of today, as pop punk has found its way back into the hearts of young people, making pop punk relevant once more.

Take a listen to “Send Me Crazy” below.

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