Happy Debut New Song “I Call Shotgun”

Columbia, South Carolina pop punk band Happy has released their new single “I Call Shotgun,” a song about feeling like you have no control when in a relationship. Releasing their record Cult Classic on September 7th, vocalist Tate Logan has said the following about the new single.

I Call Shotgun” is very upbeat because not being in control isn’t always a bad things. In fact, sometimes its good to learn to share control, and take a second seat to people to balance a bit better. Relationships are all about balance and understand, about being on the same page. For “I Call Shotgun,” we wanted this song to be a bit chaotic is a sense of a fast paced, wild, relationship that you never really feel like you have a good grip on, but just going with the flow and riding it out because it’s good to try new things and learn new things along the way.”

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