Ka Fu Drops New Single “Empty Days”

Ka Fu has released his new single “Empty Days” which you can check out below. Now based in Milan but originally hailing from Russia, Ka Fu shared his first single “Where Everything’s Ours” back in July. Talking about the new single and it’s influences and overall style, Ka Fu says ““If you have the sound of Violator or Ultra (Depeche Mode) in you headphones while going by suburban train everyday then you have a certain sound code in your veins. “Ultra” turned those grey days into meaningful time: I started to think and not only exist and the transformation had begun. In “Empty Days” I’m using this code of melancholic dynamic specially in bassline and then layering minor synth leads for going closer to what once has touched me deeply and changed the life. So that “Empty Days” is a statement of the power to think and to identify yourself as a unique blessed human even in a “dead-end race” and then turn the greyness of your outdoor into your personal revolution.”

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