Knife In The Water release new single “Sweet Gene”

Austin, Texas act Knife In The Water has released their new single “Sweet Gene” which you can listen to below. The song will appear on the group’s new record Reproduction, their first release in 14 years. Vocalist Aaron Blout says the following about the track below in an interview with American Songwriter. You can listen to the song here.

“‘Sweet Gene’ is about reconfiguring the image of a person you love, and adjusting what you allow of them to reside within yourself,” says singer Aaron Blout. “As you lose connection with a dangerous person, whether they are losing selfhood from mental illness or other damage, intimacy puts you in a particular state of confusion. You ask yourself, am I the one that’s losing touch with reality? You watch them lose their sense of self and you realize, that what makes them real beyond physical presence is a series of images and ideas in your memory. Only when the person is gone from your life and you’re deprogrammed and no longer under threat, can you confront their complexity. We don’t have any distinct idea where our own sense of identity ends and another person’s begins, our senses of self are like clouds colliding and blurring into one another. Knowing you can’t erase your memory of another person fully, you can love beyond cruelty by allowing their kindness as a memorial.”


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