Kris Angelis Releases New EP That Signals Path Towards The Big Time on Heartbreak Is Contagious

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Kris Angelis has released her new EP Heartbreak Is Contagious, a four-song effort that explores different forms of love. Opening with the title track, Angelis introduces us to her luscious and bold voice on top of an acoustic guitar that creates a calm feeling, immediately moving her audience. With a beautiful chorus of overdubbed vocals, it becomes apparent that Angelis is a special artist right away. While there are a million fishes in the sea in the Los Angeles music scene, Angelis has a unique vibe and an aptitude for writing intelligent songs that makes her audience feel the emotions she is singing about.

After “Heartbreak Is Contagious,” Angeles acquaints her listeners with “Built This House” another quiet track that brings through her talent for sweeping listeners away. As the song builds, it’s one that stays with you long after it ends, highlighting Angelis and her voice.

Closing out her latest effort is the song “Kevin Bacon” written about falling in love, while fantasizing about being in a romantic comedy with one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors. With its colorful edge, the song is a good choice for a single.

Colored with the makings of heading for the big time, Heartbreak Is Contagious is not an EP to pass up, as this unknown Los Angeles musician sets herself up on the path to greatness with her new release.

Listen to “Built This House” below.



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