Kris Kross Amsterdam, The Boy Next Door, And Conor Maynard Team Up For “Whenever”

Dutch producers Kris Kross Amsterdam, The Boy Next Door, and British vocalist Conor Maynard has teamed up for the new single “Whenever.” Sampling the 2001 hit Shakira track “Whenever, Wherever,” this song is a banger. You can read what everyone had to say about the song below.  Take a listen below.

Kris Kross Amsterdam: “We are very proud that we could use the sample of Shakira’s 2001 hit single ‘Whenever, Wherever’. The track was written by Shakira and Gloria Estefan and we are huge fans of them. We’re really happy with the result and secretly hope they like it too!”

Conor Maynard: “It’s sick to be working with the Kris Kross boys again, it was such a laugh last time. This time we’ve done our take on a classic Shakira song so hopefully people will love it. Now all I need is a DM from Shakira saying I did a great job and that we should hang out some time.”

The Boy Next Door: “After my 2017 hit ‘La Colegiala’, I have been constantly looking for summery influences for my tracks. At a certain moment I heard this classic Shakira tune again, which I hadn’t heard in a long time, and instantly got very inspired by it. After the initial idea came to existence I asked Kris Kross Amsterdam to work with me on this track. We went into the studio together and after we finished the tune, they asked Conor Maynard, who Kris Kross Amsterdam worked with before, to add an amazing vocal to it. Conor immediately got excited about it and after one week everything was recorded and finished.”

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