Louise Aubrie releases fun and empowering record with Late 44

louise aubrie late 44

Up and coming indie rock singer-songwriter Louise Aubrie has written a bouncy and colorful record with her latest release Late 44. Throughout the album, London and New York based Aubrie has crafted catchy and memorable songs that are instantly likeable. Late 44 opens with “Masterstroke”, a tune that begins with a guitar riff that instantly gives off the impression that Aubrie knows how to rock and do it well. With her light and breezy voice sitting at the forefront of the mix, we realize just how well her vocals fit in the music she has written. While the track has a few repetitive moments, its powerful introduction leaves us feeling convinced that we have stumbled upon a record that shines with confidence.

Another standout track is “Too Late”, a song that takes obvious influences from early punk band The Ramones, as the guitar charges ahead with a slightly nasally vocal sound. Here is where Louise brings her obvious attitude to the surface, providing an edginess that we did not hear on the previous tracks, leading the record to go in a different, but positive direction.

Lastly, we have “Please Don’t Touch”, Late 44’s closing number. Another punk inspired track, this one has a cleaner sound, while still having enough attitude to make women feel empowered and men convinced that Aubrie can perform without help from her male peers. While its only flaw that we notice right away is a continuing repetitiveness, the record still comes across as fun and lively, leaving the ears of any perspective fans satisfied, as Louise Aubrie knows how to write great songs that stand out from other indie tunes today.


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