Lovespeake releases new single “Novacaine” featuring Max Frost

Lovespeake has released his latest single “Novacaine” featuring Max Frost. Lovespeake member Alex Pavelich stated the following about the songwriting process for “Novacaine” below.

“The first demo was written in Hamburg with some friends including Max last September, before producing and mixing it in Iceland right after New Years, and mastering it back home in Oslo. It’s had quite the journey! I spent most of my time writing for other artists, so it’s great to discover quirky pop gems in-between sessions that I can keep for myself.

I guess the song kind of represents this idea that wasting time, taking it easy and not giving a shit or whatever is life’s own sedative..the wasted time suddenly ends up being the best times of your life, or actually numbing the pain of every day life; whether that means literally just getting high, or hanging with your girl… Just enjoying life’s small moments, really. Then you rewind and do it all again.”​​​​​​​

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