Low Sun Share New Song “Round Soul”

Low Sun has shared a new song titled “Round Soul” which you can check out below. Talking about they recorded the song in freezing tempatures, the group says, “Our friend/collaborator/label-mate Joucous has a family cottage in Smiths Falls, ON so we decided to head up there since it was late winter and no one would be on the lake. It was supposed to be a relaxing and poetic sort of experience but it turned out to be one of the worst cold-snaps of the winter. We spent three days trying to keep the tape recorder warm enough so it wouldn’t break and ate frozen food since we couldn’t turn on the oven or microwave or else the breakers would go and our heaters would turn off. Essentially we were trapped in a single room without running water or warmth until we finished the thing. On the final day of recording a snow storm pulled in so we had to finish the last tracks as fast as possible before getting trapped at the house for another night without food or water. We were watching the snow pile up faster and faster while we tried to wrap stuff up. Time was of the essence to say the least.

We were more concerned with surviving than recording at the time but I think the songs came out well. At night you could hear the ice breaking on the lake and it sounded like the earth was opening up…”

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