Major Lazer Debuts “Know No Better” Music Video

Major Lazer has debuted the music video for their latest collaborative single “Know No Better” featuring Travis Scott, Camila Cabello, and Quavo.

Telling fans his thoughts on directing the video, director Philip Andleman says, ““For me, Major Lazer is the ne plus ultra of dance music videos. “It’s always been a dream of mine to work with them and be included in their insane canon. Which is where the idea for the video started, with a daydream. I used to space out all through high school about being the sickest guitarist in the world to impress girls but all I could play in real life was a quarter-speed version of Slash’s solo from “Sweet Child O’Mine.” I thought it could be fun to do a video that married a kid’s daydream of being a Major Lazer backup dancer (i.e. the ultimate goal for any dancer out there) with the reality of quotidian ass-kicking’s and unbearable siblings.”

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