Midwest Soul Xchange release beautiful debut with New American Century

midwest soul xchange

With their debut album New American Century, folk-Americana band Midwest Soul Xchange have put together a dazzling group of tunes that will appeal to anyone who is a diehard Americana fan as well as music fans who enjoy groups such as The Avett Brothers, due to the release’s loose and carefree style along with solid songwriting. “Set A Course For Common Worlds” opens the record with plenty of energy and fantastic harmonies from the bands two vocalists Ryan Summers and Nate Cherrier, who both know how to write songs that stick with their audience permanently.

“Sun Dried” moves away from Americana and folk and tries out a progressive rock sound which the band plays well, as they keep the song fresh and interesting, while also keeping their listeners entertained and content throughout their debut. “Has Anyone Seen Bob” is the strongest track on Century, as the group includes a dash of the Beatles, giving the song an oldies rock feel, which brings the albums creativity around full circle, as we get a taste of the bands breadth when it comes to their creative scope.

Century closes out with “Four Score and Seven To Go” a laidback tune with a wintery vibe that feels reflective and beautiful, which is the kind of feeling that the band wants you to walk away with once you finish listening to their songs. After hearing New American Century, it is clear that Midwest Soul Xchange have crafted an excellent album, where spinning it will become endless and singing along is inevitable.

You can listen to “Roots” from the album below.


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