On You Drift Away From Me, Denmark Band Moon Loves Honey Writes Gorgeous Songs Made For Easy Listening On Debut Album

Moon Loves Honey’s debut album You Drift Away From Me, listeners hear plenty of promise from the first notes of the band’s stunning debut. Hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, the four-piece calls themselves a dream pop band, writing songs with luscious textures, warm bass lines, and soft vocals that will lead any lukewarm dream pop listeners to give the genre a second chance.

Opening with “To Be Without You” synth player and vocalist Stine Drejar gives the track plenty of charm and appeal, while he and fellow vocalist Jeppe Dengso (who also plays guitar) join together to sing trance like harmonies that become a huge part of the group’s likeability.

Following “To Be Without You” is “You Drift Away from Me,” a song with a soft and brisk pace, that quickly turns into a number that could easily find a place on the radio. With a guitar riff that won’t get out of your head and complimenting bass lines from bassist Johan Gudmensen, “You Drift Away From Me” will soon become a fan favorite. Tracks like “Blå” is easy listening for drifting off to sleep, creating a relaxing mood for anyone looking to unwind. “Before I Crash” is another tune that that stands out for a number that incorporates harder rock styles to give Moon Loves Honey a bit of a punch. Closing with the nine-minute song “Replaced,” Moon Loves Honey creates a long jam that allows listeners to sit back and reflect on the album and its beautiful qualities. While the Denmark act is slowly on the rise, they show plenty of promise when mapping out their future success.

Listen to “To Be Without You” below.

Featured photo by: Sarah Eugenie


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