Peache Luffe Releases New Single “Wave”

Canadian band Peach Luffe has released their latest single “Wave” which you can check out below. Talking about the track front man Jong Lee says,

“Recently, I’ve been really trying to become a better person in general. That means taking responsibility for my actions. Relationships are a two way street. Often we blame the other person for problems or disagreements instead of taking a step back and really thinking about it. So many songs in general blame the other person by pointing out their mistakes and faults instead of looking at themselves. They only share one side of the story, I wanna share both sides. Maybe it’s their fault, or mine, or both. Like “On My Side”, “Wave” was recorded and mixed in my bedroom with the help of Michael who also mixed and mastered it! I guess I’m really embracing the diy-bedroom pop life! It feels and looks funny when I’m singing in my closet full of clothes. Every now and then, I ponder on how amazing it is that we live in an age where we can put all of our ideas, thoughts, emotions into a computer and it spits it back to us. Weird.The sound is pretty different from Mac DeMarco but I was influenced by him on this song! I guess it has an indie beach vibe to it. I plan on doing a tour in Ontario this upcoming spring!”


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