Sonar Kollektiv release “Gone” (Robert Koch remix) from Kasar


Sonar Kollektiv has released a remix of the song “Gone” from Kasar which you can listen to below. You can read a press release about Kasar below.

It was late last fall when “Walk On”, the sophomore solo album by musical allrounder Arnold
Kasar came out. Now, almost a year later, five of the twelve album tracks have been
reworked and remixed over the last few months by a selected armada of DJs and producers
from within or with close bonds to the Sonar Kollektiv family circle.
The selection of these reconstructors here at work couldn’t have been more diverse and
hence more thrilling. Starting with Polish producer Guiddo (one half of the Sonar Kollektiv
act Manhooker) carving “Dawning” – in the vocal as well as in the instrumental mix – into a
Balearic gem straight out the mid-eighties.
Also closely connected to Sonar Kolletiv for quite some time now is Moscow producer and
whiz kid Phil Gerus, currently based in Tokyo. Previously known for his chillwavy, glitch
downbeat, this time round Gerus turns “Dance To The Mallet” into a proper house tune with
the common breakdown and 808 hi-hats. The same track has also been reworked by Pitto
from Utrecht, Japanese producer Kazuki Yamaguchi aka Kez YM and Venice based
DJ/producer Albert Marzinotto. Contrary to Phil Gerus, Pitto hauls Lisa Bassenge’s (singer of
the legendary Sonar Kollektiv act Micatone) voice completely to the foreground and
accompanies her with vibes and a pulsating beat. It’s in the same fashion Marzinotto gets to
work, but his remix is directed more openly to the dancefloor, equipping it with a Chicago
House aesthetic. Kez YM’s remix pushes back Bassenge’s vocals again, using them primarily
as an euphoriant effect in this choicest deep house track.
On the other hand the remix for “Gone” by Robot Koch has nothing to do with club music.
Here it’s Arnold Kasar’s voice duetting with Susan Pawlak which is sprinkled very cautious
into Koch’s sombre dub electronics. For “So-Called Lover” we have Paskal & Urban
Absolutes, Al Lindrum and Tubbe contributing three fantastic remixes. Whereas the one by
Tubbe only partly uses the original material as a template, but still succeeds to deal fairly
with Kasar’s lyrics and therewith conjures almost a new song up out of nothing. To close this
remix package rich in variety Paul “Snax” Bonomo attaches a finale like a thunderbolt. His
remix (BonomoLeMagass) for “Masquerade” (somehow connects all the loose joints of every
form of house music of the last 30 years. That’s why there’s also the dub version included, paying tribute to Acid House furthermore. This alone is worth the purchase of this brilliant collection.

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