Standards release tough but fun EP that makes you fall in love with punk

standards kid ep

On their debut EP Kid, Canadian punk band Standards, bring an old fashioned garage band feel to their release, which sounds similar to California punk band Rancid and their first few records. While the band hope to melt your face with their tough, but fun, version of punk the band do just that as they rip through four tracks that are incredibly catchy. The EP opens with the release’s title track and lead singer Dre sings with passion while meaning every word he sings, reminding punk fans what they love most about the genre.

Tunes such as “Vaseline” introduces the rough attitude that is a trademark in punk music, though while punk isn’t a stand out genre, Standards bring a lovable quality to their chosen style, and the simplicity that they bring to the table is one that will stick with their audience for a long time. Finally, the EP ends with “Rodeo”, a tune that really illustrates the bands abilities to play together as a unit as well as individual musicians. Straying from their punk roots on this tune, the group sounds more like a rock band, performing a track that will get fans singing along, while getting the chorus’s addicting guitar part hooked in your head, where it will stay for quite some time.

While the band doesn’t play a genre that is widespread, they play with a confidence that hardcore punk fans will love, while also winning over more skeptical music lovers in the process.

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