SXSW Days 3 and 4

Hi everyone! Here’s an update on days three and four of SXSW, with a little bit of the activities from Thursday and a lot from Friday.  On day three I walked around and saw a bunch of bands and a few parties. I saw a good local band called Scorpio Rising who are more electronic based. Their show is pretty entertaining. Their bass player who goes by the name of Wonder Bread, walked around the venue trying to get everyone involved. Pretty cool. I also walked over to the Devise party where I saw a female fronted band from New York. They were alright, not much to say. Friday was nuts! It was pretty much nonstop from 12:30 until 9: 40 at night. I went to a few panels including one called Tuning Out The Trainwreck, where I met my childhood idol Taylor Hanson, the pianist from the band Hanson. I was a huge fan of the band growing up and still am. Its great to see that he is still humble after all of these years. It made me feel old to hear that they have been around for 17 years. After that, I saw a local band called The Wind and The Wave, a local band from Austin at the Driskell Hotel. They are the next The Civil Wars. They were not even five minutes into their set and they had me hooked. I also saw a band called The Mimicking Birds who are more on the acoustic side of things. Great stuff!

As for tonight, I will be seeing Willie Nelson and Keith Urban tonight at the Moody Theatre. I will be doing a review on that show so look out for that on the Live Shows page. Then its time to get ready for SXSW 2015!

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