The Bellfuries take us back in time to the era of the Baby Boomers with new record

the bellfuries

The Bellfuries are a Texas band that plays slick and solid rock and roll, with country and pop sprinkled throughout, along with harmonies that are razor sharp. Not concerned with genres or labels, the Bellfuries who call Austin home, play rock and roll that has an old fashioned feel. As the band takes us back in time to the days of Elvis and Buddy Holly on their new album Workingman’s Bellfuries, we can’t help but become addicted to the group’s relaxed and flavorful style of music, all while keeping each track short and sweet.

The record opens with “Loving Arms”, a song that draws us into the bands simplicity as we warm to front man Joey Simeone’s smooth voice. Staying harmonious through the entire tune, Simeone’s vocals sound raw and passionate, and it’s clear that he can pull off mean harmonies with his band mates.

Next up is “Bad Seed Sown”, a 50’s influenced tune that has a country style feel that holds the song together alongside the drums, creating a very danceable layer of musical sounds, and the cut feels like it will be an instant Bellfuries classic, as well  as a popular song to hear in a live setting. Lastly, we have “Beaumont Blues”, a faster tune than anything we’ve heard previously on the record, though the Jerry Lee Lewis style piano in the background adds a different element to the release, urging everyone to get up out of their seats and get lost in the moment. While it feels like The Bellfuries are writing music for the Baby Boomer crowd, each track on Workingman’s Bellfuries is very accessible and enjoyable for those who were born long after the Boomer era musicians have passed away.

After listening to The Bellfurie’s latest effort, it becomes clear that the band will draw you into their music that provides listeners with a timeless quality that will not age with time, leading their audience to listen again and again.








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