The Wise Man’s Fear bridge fantasy and hardcore music on new album


the wise man's fear

The Wise Man’s Fear, a fantasycore band from Central Indiana, have released an energetic and biting record that brings together elements of classical and hardcore music to write songs that have a unique sound and style, along with writing a story about a knight on the hunt for a fabled castle, all while trying to answer life’s big questions.  The record titled Castle in the Clouds opens with a classical and fantasy influenced intro called “Megalith”, complete with sweeping strings and an eerie sounding piano. As the band pulls you in, they prepare their audience for the raging tunes they have compiled on Castle, leading you to join in with their endless energy and nervous sense of urgency.

“Secret of the Stone”, the record’s second tune gets to the heart of the bands influences which includes groups such as Of Mice and Men, Like Moths To Flames, and Parkway Drive to write blistering tracks that have a raw and aggressive quality that fans of the hardcore genre will enjoy. While the music goes together flawlessly, the aspect of the song that stands out the most is the clean vocals, providing a melodic component of “Stone” that is enjoyable.

Tunes such as “The Sea at Storm”, is a heavy song that is one of the stand out moments on Castle in the Clouds, and as the track opens with ocean waves crashing, we wonder where the band will go with it, as they have weaved together an album that tells an interesting story. As the vocals sung by front man Joe Dennis and bassist Tyler Eads, switch from screaming, low growls, and clean vocals, the music feels very fluid with a memorable chorus that sticks in our minds.

Lastly, we have the records title track, and with one more burst of energy, the band launches into a fast tune that packs all of the elements of hardcore music into four minutes, and the band does this beautifully. Very highly skilled, The Wise Man’s Fear is one band that you should not miss out on, as their music takes you on a heart stopping ride you won’t soon forget.


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