Xavier Boyer Remixes Elephant Stone Track “Love Is Like A Spinning Wheel”

Xavier Boyer of the band Tahiti 80 has remixed the Elephant Stone track “Love Is Like A Spinning Wheel” which you can listen to below.

Talking about the remix, Elephant Stone front man Rishi Dhir said the following about the song. “I loved this song the moment I wrote it. In my mind the melody was as catchy as they came and had a great Chaka Khan beat to back it up. Sadly, I find it kind of got lost in the shuffle of Ship of Fools. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault.. Maybe we just didn’t “nail it” on the album. I mean, I write pop songs but have the tendency to dress them up in paisley technicolour coats, if you catch my drift. Xavier (Tahiti 80) and I have been in contact for a few years. He caught one of our gigs in France and reached out via twitter. I was a fan of Tahiti 80s first record, so this was a pretty big thrill. It wasn’t until this summer that we met in Paris. As is my way, I asked if he would be interested in doing a remix. For the record, Xavier is immensely talented and a wonderful soul. He’s a mammoth songwriter/arranger. This is no more more evident than with what he did to this song. He made this song into everything I always wanted it to be. I got very excited. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this version as much as I do.”

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