Archie Faulks Drops New Single “Willing To Learn”

Archie Faulks has dropped his new single “Willing To Learn,” a beautiful acoustic track that highlights Faulk’s immediate talents. With over two million streams on streaming platforms, the track has gotten support from Radio 1 and Radio X. Talking about “Willing To Learn” Faulks says, “‘Willing To Learn’ is a song about sleeping with someone you know is trouble and there is something about them being trouble that keeps drawing you back in. They are more experienced than you are, in many ways, and you want to learn from them; namely how to relinquish worry of the future and just occupy the present moment. It’s a song that when I play it live evokes very vivid memories and emotions – I see it as a bit of a coming of age anthem. Thinking that you are getting to grips with what you are and what you like then meeting someone who changes all of that – an ode to the endless possibilities in life.”

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