Bitter’s Kiss releases beautiful video for new single “No One Will”

bitter's kiss

New Jersey pop band Bitter’s Kiss is fronted by young vocalist Chloe Baker, who has used the group to showcase her talents and further her music career. The band has released a music video for their latest single “No One Will” which was filmed half way across the world in Cork, Ireland at various locations around the city as Chloe sings alone, despite the fact that she is surrounded by people. Beautifully shot, the music video illustrates the track’s beauty well, as both the scenery and the tune’s sound are both simplistic, while also conveying a message of being solo.  While Chloe is still a young musician in high school, Bitter’s Kiss will take her far as her music has a timeless quality to it that makes it listenable for many years to come, along with a developed voice that never wavers in confidence.

Watch the music video for “No One Will” below.


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