Distant Lights have written a heartfelt and captivating album with Beneath The Waves

distant lights beneath the waves

On their latest album Beneath The Waves, Austin rock band Distant Lights have written a captivating and heartfelt album that deserves to be heard. Formed seven years ago, the group blends classical music with rock and roll for a unique blend of music that you won’t be able to stop listening to. Opening the record is its title track, which begins with a hypnotizing guitar riff that features a light cello, giving the song a vibrant flavor. As vocalist Gabriel Fry and guitarist Gaelan Bellamy sing together, their tight harmonies pull us in and lets us get lost in the music.

While the band includes classically trained musicians, it really shows on the record as they have a way of blending the edgy characteristics of rock music with something a little more subtle, which makes for a stunning collection of songs. “Sane World” the next track on the release, has hints of Celtic music to it, while also giving off more of a country vibe. As Bellamy plays a catchy guitar riff that is the centerpiece of the tune, we get the same relaxing vibe as “Waves”, though this time we hear the makings of a single, as the song feels like something you can sing along to despite its laidback vibe. Next, “So Alone” picks up the pace to paint the band in a darker and edgier light, adding some variety to their more formal sounding songs. On this track, it sounds like Fry took obvious influence from Incubus’s front man Brandon Boyd, as their voices sound almost identical, and while Fry’s vocals were strong on Beneath The Waves previous tracks, on “Alone”, his voice sounds bold, as if he is ready to take on any song you put in front of him.

The record closes out with “Too Late” a ballad that feels like it doesn’t have as much passion or life to it that the previous tracks did. While the band has a solid hold on their slower tracks, it would have been nice to hear the group feature some faster songs on the record, instead of just having “So Alone” be the one cut that changes the flow.

Despite this one drawback, Distant Lights have done an excellent job at writing an album that is enjoyable and stirring, and as we look forward to their next release, we hope that they can make another great record that is just as good as Beneath The Waves.


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