Ed Sheeran: Sing


Earlier today, Ed Sheeran released his latest song titled “Sing”, which is a departure from his previous acoustic style tracks. The most noticeable difference in the song is the hip hop beat and Ed’s Justin Timberlake style vocals. The track has a more overproduced feel than his previous songs, and it may not sit well with fans that were waiting to hear another brilliant acoustic song from Sheeran. While his debut album + did well, it’s nice to see Ed experimenting with different styles, even though it may be a more radical departure. The chants of “sing!” and “louder!” give the song an Outkast feel, possibly hinting that Ed may be veering towards hip hop on his new album X, also known as multiply. The one thing that the song hasn’t lost is Ed’s guitar though it sounds more electric, which is a good thing for fans who are questioning Ed’s new musical path, as they now know that he hasn’t completely ditched his instrument. Overall the song has no bad qualities to it, and while it is impossible at this point to know if “Sing” is representative of the rest of X, “Sing” is still a good song regardless of whether this change will last for for three minutes or for an entire album.


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