Jacob Lee Drops New Music Video For “Zen”

Jacob Lee has dropped his latest music video for “Zen” which you can check out below. Talking about the creation of the music video for “Zen,” the Australia based singer-songwriter says, ‘Zen’ is a song where I finally come to terms with my purpose. It speaks of my capacity to write about others & how I feel as though I’m able to tap into a consciousness far from my own. The lyric is shaped around self-discovery, hope & wonder as I describe the process of writing from another’s perspective. The verses of ‘Zen’ could almost be described as an ambiguous blueprint for how I feel when I write music, even though it’s largely metaphorical. I understand that artists harbour an aptitude for creativity, & sometimes we confuse it with spirituality or something metaphysical. I’m not convinced anything otherworldly is going on when I or anyone writes music, I just like exploring the concept. The music video takes a slightly different route, acting as a visual representation of my wish to converse closer with my subconscious. In the clip, we see a naive version of myself deep in a maze, whilst the other dwells alone throughout a mansion. My hope was to portray my regular self as lost & confused, while the other radiated a sense of wisdom. I wanted there to be a mysterious distance between the two initially, though ultimately they would connect & the innocent version of me would be shown the way & lead onward. ‘Zen’ was the last song to be written for the record & acts as a stepping stone for the following single, ‘Artistry‘.

Lee released his debut album Philosophy in 2015.

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