Jonas Brothers Introduce Funk Inspired Music On New LP The Album

Upon taking a hiatus in 2013, the Jonas Brothers, known for their Disney fame, felt like they were making music because they were failing to do anything else. It’s clear the brothers felt like they had run out of time to be relevant. Starting their career in their teens, they recorded their debut album It’s About Time in 2006, and after they were dropped by their label, due to an awkward change of musical direction, they were picked up by Disney, and their fame skyrocketed. A few number-one albums later, horrible television shows, and a breakup, the Jonas Brothers came back in 2019 with Happiness Begins, an album that felt much more grown up, free from the bubblegum chains of Disney, while also appealing to fans the same age as the band themselves. Liking the Jonas Brothers was now cool, and the album was one you weren’t afraid to spin in front of your friends.

With their latest body of work, simply known as The Album, the group blends the music of their childhood, with a modern twist, to complete an LP that lasts a little over 32 minutes. Opening with the 80’s inspired track “Miracle,” the brothers have released their funkiest tune to date, sure to be on repeat with anyone who listens. While the song is a bit of a syrupy love letter to each of their wives, musically the band shines, with middle brother and vocalist Joe shining here, as he has taken care to become a vocalist that needs more recognition. Next up is “Wings,” The Album’s lead single. A short and sweet song, “Wings” feels like an ode to The Bee Gee’s, one of the influences that are present across the entire album. While it’s not exactly clear whom the track is speaking to, it’s a great introduction to anyone who is new to the Jonas Brothers catalog.

Waffle House,” is the record’s second single, and one that’s generated a lot of press, due to its unique title. Sharing the story of going to Waffle House in the early days of touring, the track is an autobiographical sketch of their family, talking mostly about their parents, Denise, and Kevin Jonas Sr, who as any fan will tell have played a huge part in not only their son’s success but also their love of music. Its short run time and memorable chorus will be a hit when the group plays it live.

Toward the end of The Album, we hear the country-inspired track “Little Bird,” a song that is tribute to the trio’s five daughters. Youngest brother Nick takes the lead and while vocally it took him a while to find his footing due to puberty and some bad habits while singing, it feels like The Album has allowed him to find his talent. To end the album, we hear “Walls,” The Album’s longest track, clocking in at 4:26. Featuring producer Jon Bellion, “Walls” is the LP’s most atmospheric song, something that hasn’t been heard before in the Jonas Brothers discography. Premiering the track on the band’s recent appearance of Saturday Night Live, “Walls’” intensity, featuring Joe’s powerful vocals, along with a choir, wraps up the trio’s latest effort nicely, stretching their sound without taking things too far, making sure the group doesn’t stray too far from their safe pop inspired container.


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