JP Cooper Shares Music Video For “Sing It With Me” Featuring Astrid S

JP Cooper has shared the music video for his new single “Sing It With Me” featuring vocalist Astrid S. Talking about filming the video, Cooper says, This video was a real joy to make, I love 90’s American indie films like Slacker, Rushmore and Napoleon Dynamite so the fact that it nods to that era, being a bit quirky and comical without it being silly, is great. We filmed it in Estonia with a brief for the location and the characters to all have a slightly Wez Anderson feel which I think the production company nailed.  From reading the first treatment from Callum (director) to the final edit I’ve loved the whole process, I’m usually quite nervous about making music videos but this is the first one of mine that I’ve watched back and smiled all the way through. I hope you enjoy watching it.”

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