Julia Thomsen Takes Us On A Journey With ‘Beauty Inside And Out’

Julia Thomsen is the neo-classical composer everybody is talking about at the moment. Furthermore, Julia has unleashed a composition titled “Beauty Inside And Out” which soars through the airwaves with serenity, and it is difficult not to head into a calming space with her patient deliveries.

Taken from her Sea Energise EP, this new composition ticks all the boxes for any classical music enthusiast. It is mesmerizing with its driving arrangement, and the piano lead which opens takes us from our chair and onto a journey which you will not wish to forget in a rush.

Thomsen soothes from the intro, and it follows the same pattern for the entirety of the piece, as she captures the aspect of natural beauty with her piano lead. As a result, you can almost smell the summer air and hear the sea crashing at the rocks. What we would love to hear is a sea sound effect distant in the mix, adding even more natural aura with the delivery, though we cannot fault her approach as she leads us to a place where we imagine she found the influence.

Another vital component about “Beauty Inside And Out” is the harmonic orchestral sound which arrives not long after the initiation. It takes us even further into the mix, and Julia adds just the right level of backing as it keeps the piano lead the main focal point of the piece. Also, the way the piano ascends and then halts is impressive. So much so, it leaves us continually guessing what is to come next. Again, not only does this keep the composition from becoming repetitive, but it keeps the fire burning, and her approach to classical writing is original and memorable.

You can listen to ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ below.



*This review was written by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.




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