Lauv Debuts New Single “There’s No Way” Featuring Julia Michaels

Lauv has released his latest single “There’s No Way,” featuring vocalist Julia Michaels. Talking about writing with each other Michaels says, “writing with Ari is equal parts funny and serious. He’s the kind of person that can tap into an emotion and then say something random to break up the heaviness in a room. I love that about him.” Lauv says, “Julia is an absolute legend not only as a songwriter but just as a human being. The first time we met we didn’t even write a song, we just talked about life and emo bands and stuff. A few days later me, her, Justin Tranter and Ian Kirkpatrick got into the room and wrote “There’s No Way“. For me the song is about meeting someone and immediately feeling that connection where you can’t help but have crazy chemistry, and though your lives don’t quite line up in that moment, you know someday everything could go down between you two.”


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