Light City Lights Shares New Single “Trustfall” Featuring RAZ

Light City Lights has shared their debut single “Trustfall” featuring RAZ. Talking about the track’s inspiration and meaning, Light City Lights says,“A trustfall is something you choose to do – it’s not accidental. You have to choose to be vulnerable and trust that the other person won’t hurt you. It’s the same with every relationship I’ve had. It’s very difficult to allow yourself to rely on someone else, especially when you are good on your own. But when you do place your faith in someone else and they come through for you, there’s no other feeling like that in the world. When we started writing down how I felt, my goal was to write
the most honest song I could. I think it came very organically because even though I’m talking to someone I deeply care about in this song, I am also talking about letting go of my own real-life trust issues as well.”

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