Lime Juice Release Fresh And Infectious Track ‘Quietude’

Photo by: Chiara Mei Stefanelli


Lime Juice are a rock band who hail from Rome, Italy. They are not new on the scene but yet they boast a sound which is remarkably fresh and contagious with immense likeability.

Quietude‘ is the latest number released by the band, and it is proving to be an indie smash hit with countless indie lovers far and wide gripping to it like a Willie Wonka’s golden ticket. It has a healthy lead line, and the vocal proves to be bold and massively contagious.

Kicking off the track is a gently strummed guitar rhythm which rings out in ambient style. There is a shuffle like beat accompanying it, and the bass shouts out in glory. A guitar lead also lends a beautiful quality in the intro which takes a generic yet trendy indie stance. The intro is elongated and potentially takes longer than many would expect before the vocal hits.

Vocally,  front man Allesandro sings in a distinct character. Vocally he does not sound like a lot of the indie bands, which proves his unique quality. The chorus is the actual hook, and it screams out with infectious charm, prompting listeners to want to discover more from the group. “Quietude’s” only downfall is that the chorus remains fairly chill and aloof. Despite this small flaw, the band prove their class with each member pushing the sound to a new level.

Overall, this track from Lime Juice is not one to miss. It has a real indie direction, with a rawness that is refreshing.



*This review was written by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.

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