Victoria Moralez Drops New Single “Eyes Off The Prize”

Victoria Moralez is a pop artist who is flying the flag for her native homeland Sweden. She comes with plenty of experience and her new track “Eyes Off The Prize'” grips with its tight and infectious rhythm.

Eyes Off The Prize'” needs a little preface. For anyone who has already come across it, you will know how empowering it is with its bold and meaningful message. grips listeners from the opener, and although we do not hear anything too flamboyant within the mix, it makes for a remarkable listen with plenty of unique angles. The thumping beat, which upon opening creates a significant effect and proves that simplicity is sometimes the best route to take. Vocally, Moralez opens with genuine poignancy, and her breathy and gentle approach pays off dividends adding plenty to the track’s message.

The synth lead line which follows the track from the get-go is massively striking. It will remind pop fans of similar pop tracks of yesteryear, but yet it also brings a unique angle with a guitar lead backing it up tremendously well. The one aspect that stands out as being a bit problematic is that the chorus is similar to the verse. So much so, it can be challenging to work out where each one starts and finishes. Despite this, there are bundles of energy, and she drives the track through in triumphant fashion.

It takes a step back towards the latter with a bridge which catapults us into a new realm before gradually taking us back into a section similar to the intro. The lead line plays out to the ending and sticks deep in our mind influencing us to hit replay for another fix. You can take a listen to ‘Eyes Off The Prize’ by Victoria Moralez below.


*This review was written by Ralph Jericho who lives in London, England.

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