Nuela Charles Releases Music Video For “Awakening”

Nuela Charles has shared her latest music video for the song “Awakening,” which you can check out below. Talking about shooting the video, Nuela says ““For the “Awakening” video I wanted to keep it pretty simple. I think when it comes to the message of the song, you are the only person responsible for your own enlightenment and growth, and I wanted the video to just be me in a clean white space. That white space was then transformed by the use of lighting and smoke, and I think when it comes to real life, when you’re hit with different elements you’re forced to pivot and move, and adapt. So I wanted to be free to move and interact with the elements, and just be authentic. No real choreography, or planned “moments” it was just captured very organically, and I love that about this video. Kyle Tiernan, the director, did an amazing job.”


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