On new EP Atlantis, Mavrick hits fans hard with beautiful tones and sounds


Stockholm vocalist Mavrick is a newcomer to the music scene, but after dropping his new EP Atlantis, he won’t be unknown for long. Mixing pop and gospel with electronic elements, Mavrick’s new songs give fans chills as they listen. Everything about Atlantis works incredibly well, with Mavrick hitting his audience hard with a wave of beautiful sounds and tones.

Opening track “Let It Burn” is a gospel infused track that demonstrates Mavrick’s gorgeous vocal ability and with a gospel choir singing in the background over electronic tones, “Burn” introduces his audience to a new sound, while being a tough opening song to follow.

Lead single “The Weight” is another stunner and its recent spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist was well deserved as its breezy edge adds to the EP’s beauty, with Mavrick singing over a delicately played piano and an R&B inspired beat. “Keep Calm” is perhaps the fastest track on Atlantis and its quiet passion gets to the hearts of Mavrick’s audience. Bringing so many inspirations together on one record, we get to hear just how vast his influences are, in addition to his deep creative palate when writing lyrics.

The last track, the EP’s closer, is “Hail to The Queen,” a piano driven song that strips everything away and shows us the delicate side of Mavrick’s vocals, and as we become entangled in his talent, we know that Atlantis will not be the last we hear from Mavrick, as the EP’s six tracks are just not enough to satisfy us.

Listen to “The Weight” below.

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