One Direction’s Where We Are Tour starts today in Bogota, Colombia, watch on Livestream


One Direction’s Where We Are world wide stadium tour kicks off tonight in Bogota, Colombia at 8pm. The opening act is Freaky Colectivo. Fans who cannot attend the show will be able to watch the show on Livestream. The show is sold out. The times for the show are below.


Times: (US, UK, Bogota)

  • (London): 1am opening act / 2am 1D 4.26
  • EDT (NYC): 8pm opening act / 9pm 1D 4.25
  • CDT (Chicago / Bogota): 7pm opening act / 8pm 1D 4.25
  • MDT (Colorado): 6pm opening act / 7pm 1D 4.25
  • PDT (Los Angeles): 5pm opening act / 6pm 1D 4.25

For all dates, rules for each venue (varies by country and venue), and ticket purchases go to One Big Announcement.



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