Preston Lovinggood Debuts Music Video For “Everything Will Be OK”

Preston Lovinggood has dropped his music video for the single “Everything Will Be Okay,” which you can check out below. Talking about the concepts behind the video Lovinggood says, “I’ve never been the type of person to talk loudly on a phone in a coffee shop or in public, but I’ve always admired those who could, those people who can just, ignore any thoughts or reactions people might have towards them and just be. So, walking around New York, looking out of place isn’t normal for me. But, I could always relate to the person who wanted to speak up, or say something, but was scared to use their voice. So, this version of me, walking around the street, a stranger in a strange land, using my voice to help people realize everything will be okay is something I’ve wanted to share with others.”

The song will appear on his new LP Consequences, due out March 17th on Last Gang Records.

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