Slow Skies Is Ireland’s Latest Talent, With Her Peaceful New Album Realign

Out last Friday, the new album Realign by Irish singer-songwriter Slow Skies is a lovely record that is the perfect LP to get some shut eye with. With a soft and luscious sound throughout, Realign will remind listeners of fellow Irish vocalist Lisa Hannigan when she first came onto the music scene a decade ago. Opening with with the blandly titled intro “Opening,” the one minute song gets listeners engaged and ready to listen, followed by the tune “Shut Your Eyes,” a peaceful track that introduces Slow Skies’ audience to her soft and raspy voice. 

On Realign, Slow Skies takes listeners on a journey that is serene and calm, the perfect bridge between winter and spring as we start to prepare for the hot weather. Songs such as “Patterns” are some of the longest on Realign, which become some of the best selections on the record. With her voice right in the center of the mix, Slow Skies creates a bubble around her voice, as she allows listeners to fully engage with her sound and become completely transfixed with what we hear. 

With distinctive finger picking and gorgeous piano lines, each track comes together nicely. While fans of louder, more aggressive bands will pass on Slow Skies, if you are into soft indie rock, Realign will make you stop and pause. 

Ending with “A Place In Time,” Slow Skies is destined to make a name for herself in the indie music scene, as her unique and distinctive voice will certainly find a place in the hearts of those in the industry, as well as an audience willing to take a chance with something different. 

Listen to “Patterns” below.

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