SoundQ release artsy blend of electronic music with Xanadu

soundq xanadu album cover

On SoundQ’s latest EP Xanadu, we hear an artsy blend of electronic and pop music that intertwines beautifully as the Polish band shows off their musical abilities very well. The first song, the EP’s title track begins with wind blowing and a piano playing haunting notes that make us feel like we are listening to a movie soundtrack, as the music takes us away and allows our minds to wander. Every cut on Xandu is a catchy one and each track provides its audience with plenty of new sounds throughout, with tunes such as “Out of Phase” providing vocals that have a breathy quality to them, adding a wispy and dreamy vibe to the song.

While slightly repetitive on the music side of things “Phase” is by far the most catchy and danceable track on the EP, introducing the bands electronic influences early on in the release. Perfect for fans of Paul Oakenfold and Moby, “Phase” is a perfect jam for music fans who are fans of techno music as it includes all of the characteristics of the beat heavy genre, including various computerized sound effects and vocals that fit uniformly into the mix.

The EP’s last song “Appetite” starts off quietly and builds as the song goes on, creating layers that fit well together, though it takes a bit too long to get to the tune’s main section, and even then the song sounds a bit more drab than what we heard previously. While the song’s overall vibe is not a total letdown, is it by far the weakest track on Xanadu and as far as production is concerned, it feels a bit rushed, like it was tacked onto the tracklisting at the last minute.

Overall, Xanadu has some high points that really make the release shine and stand out as a great electronic EP that EDM fans will enjoy immensely, and though it has its moments where we feel as an audience like we are left out into the dust, it has enough redeeming qualities on previous tracks that outweigh its flaws.

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