TELYkast Debuts New Track “Better” Featuring Aly Ryan

Los Angeles electronic band TELYkast has teamed up with upcoming vocalist Aly Ryan on their new track “Better,” which you can listen to below. Giving the inspiration behind the song, the band says “We wanted to give the perspective of both a male and female so we decided to make it duet with Trevor and Aly. We all started talking about our relationships and there was one thing that we all had experienced – that one significant other that always kept drawing you back in, even at times where you really shouldn’t be going back. It’s a chemistry that you share with someone that you know might sometimes be toxic for you, but you can’t get enough. It’s almost addictive behavior that love creates – the notion that the heart wants what it wants and even though you should know better and not give in, sometimes it happens because love can be so powerful. All of the lyrics are based off of real experiences and feelings that we felt in those moments, moments where love got the better of us. A lot of people go through this and sometimes people find themselves in abusive relationships because of low self-esteem which can stem from experiences in their childhood. We want this song to spark a movement of self-love, self-esteem, and self-care for people who have gone through this.

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