The Shakes Releases New Song “With Every Moment”

Orange County, California band The Shakes has released their new single “With Every Moment,” which you can listen to below. Inspired to write the song after a near death experience, front man Sean Perry says, “A little over a year ago, coming home from a friends house at 1 in the morning, a driver cut me off going through a yellow light. I immediately slammed on my breaks and I watched the car sail through the yellow light.. In the middle of the intersection, another car came and t-boned him, causing the car to flip over multiple times…. It was one of the loudest sounds I have ever heard… Police cars, fire trucks, ambulance… filled the intersection minutes later. I was in shock, my hands couldn’t let go of the steering wheel, slowly opening the door, I made my way out to the middle of the intersection. Staring into the chaos of what had just happened. The police asked me questions about the crash, I told them everything I could… then got back in my car and drove home…”

With Every Moment,” is the followup track to “Scrumptious.”

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