Toffe Debuts New Single “It’s Not A Race”

Toffe has debuted his new single “It’s Not A Race,” which you can check out below. Talking about the inspirations behind the song Toffe says, “It’s Not A Race is a tattoo on my forehead, reminding me that no matter how hard other people are competing with each other, to me it is not a race and can never be.  In order for me to create something real there can’t be that kind of pressure hanging over me – that is the biggest stealer of my focus! Musically it is a homage to the old gods of rock and roll and my musical beginnings in metal bands. There is some Zeppelin in there for sure, some Queen and of course some ELO.  I just started jamming using an Oberheim DMX drum beat, a vocoder and a Korg M1 old-school house piano sound, and this is what that became in the end.”



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